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Two new Recordings!!!



Acabar l’any amb un premi, doncs es bonic…diu la critica de l’Enderrock que el disc “Suite Salada” es el millor disc de jazz català del 2017. Gràcies.

Gràcies també al Marco Mezquida Music, al Marko Lohikari, i a l’Oscar Domenech. Us estimo!

Gracies la família UnderPool i a tot aquells que d’una forma o altre heu estat partícips de la gestació d’aquests 55 minuts de musica.

Bona entrada d’any!

End the year with a prize, is nice…critic’s from Enderrock magazine say that “Suite Salada” is the best catalan jazz record from 2017. Thanks

Thanks to Marco Mezquida, Marko Lohikari and Oscar Domenech. I love you!

Thanks to the UnderPool family and all those who in one way or another have been involved in the gestation of these 55 minutes of music.

Happy new year!





Happy to present my first solo album!
Thanks to Andrzej Novak and Multikulti Project!!!
And special thanks to Agustí Fernandez to help me so much!

Lisboas work


Introducing Catalana Reeds Player Albert Cirera
by Eyal Hareuveni, at The Free Jazz Collective

“In recent years prolific Catalan, Lisbon-based reeds player Albert Cirera became a powerful improviser and composer to reckon with. He may be known for his vigorous, in-your-face sound but this description hardly cover his qualities as a resourceful, restless improviser who is always searching and exploring uncharted sonic terrains. He is also a skilled conductor who understands deeply the mechanics and the spirit of game-like e improvisation and a clever composer who is not shy of reflecting on his gentle side.”